Erasmus Plus




West Pomeranian University of Technology, Szczecin

The Faculty of Economics


Postal address:

Żołnierska Street 47

71-210 Szczecin



The youngest faculty of the University; in 2011 it celebrated 25th year of activity.


Now the Faculty manages following studies:

Economics – bachelor degree after 3 years and master degree after 2 next, specialties: economics of tourism, real-estate economy, accounting and finances, strategies of economy development, mathematical methods and information technology in economy, e-business, economics and management, tourism and recreation.


Management – studies conferring the bachelor degree after 3 years; specialties: accounting in management, real-estate management and trade.


Tourism and recreation – studies conferring the bachelor degree after 3 years; students can take part in courses: geography of tourism (Poland and Europe), managing of spa and wellness facilities, history of tourism, hospitality and catering, hippotherapy, ecology and environment protection, and others related to economics and management.


Every year we try to update our courses. The newest set of specialities you may obtain from Erasmus coordinator.

Our students can take part in such classes as: law, mathematics, statistics, economics, econometrics, economic policy, economics of agro-tourism, accounting, European integration, methods of projects assessing, new technologies, design of www, strategic management, marketing, image creation, logistics, innovations and protection of intellectual properties, foreign trade, economic analysis, local economy, properties management and many others.

These courses are taught in Polish. English courses you can find in “Courses in English 20.../...”.

We invite scientists and visiting professors willing to give our students wider knowledge on listed above courses. Please contact the Dean or Faculty Erasmus coordinator.


Structure of the Faculty 


Prof. Bartosz Mickiewicz


Vice-Dean For Students Affairs:

Iwona Bąk, Assoc. Prof.


Vice-dean for Educational Affairs:

Anna Oleńczuk-Paszel, PhD


Vice-dean for Development and Cooperation 

Prof. Irena Łącka



for International Educational Co-operation

Faculty of Economics:

Agnieszka Brelik, Assoc. Prof.

Błażej Suproń MSc


Head of the Deanery:

Ms. Elżbieta Młynek


Department of Economics and Accounting     Head: Prof. Irena Łącka

Department of Enterprise Management   Head: Prof. Michał Świtłyk

Department of Environment Economics and Agro-business   Head: Prof. Antoni Mickiewicz 

Department of Marketing     Head: Assoc, Prof, Joanna Hernik

Department of Mathematics Applied to Economics  Head: Prof. Jan Zawadzki

Department of Rural Areas Development   Head: Prof. Bartosz Mickiewicz

Institute of Economics of Education   Head: Sylwia Gołąb, PhD 

Institute of European and Regional Studies   Head: Assoc. Prof. Agnieszka Brelik

Institute of Finance   Head: Wojciech Zbaraszewski PhD

Institute of Law and Realty Economy   Head: Prof. Teodor Skotarczak 

Institute of Systematic Analysis   Head: Prof. Grażyna Karmowska